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Superman Erotic Stories


The air was charged with electrical currents and the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance Scooby doo porn story dark clouds rolled over the city of Metropolis. The rain began to hit hard the wind-shield of the vehicle.

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I love it. I agree -- it is such a shame that so few Robert Moon stories are out there for us to enjoy. Any last words?

Superman stories

With as much defiance as a man in his situation could muster, Superman spit out, "I'll see you in hell! And thanks to your dense molecular structure, Erotic bj stories endurance, and super human virility, you should have an uncanny ability to recover after ejaculating. The mighty cock was achingly beautiful, a powerful column of man flesh covered in a tracery of pencil-thick veins that made the huge cock pulse with life.

Studbuster turns a knob on his console, rotating the examination table so the head is slightly higher than the foot.

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And finally, a vacuum pump starts, generating intense suction on the end of the steadily enlarging cock. He tenses up, straining at the leather straps that keep him laid out on the table, but he is far too weak to escape his bonds and prevent what is happening to him. The Man of Steel is powerless to stop Gay coach shower sex story throbbing feelings of pleasure building in his super human loins.

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Maybe you can start making more stories of your own. Thank you for all those remake stories you made. No man could possibly cum so much!! All you'll be good for is being Illicit sex stories butt-buddy for all of our future Super Sex Fiends! But thanks for the vote of confidence! Too bad theres so little of his works.

Strange dealings: the fall of superman

I love your writing style after all. Ten Vibrating panty stories become 20, then 30, then 40, then 50, until I lose track of how many massive salvos of super sperm have been shot into that huge storage tank.

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I Girlfriend revenge stories you enjoy the remaining chapters as well! I consider that very high praise considering that Robert Moon is one of my all-time favorite erotic authors.

As long as I'm alive, I'll hunt you down and make you pay for this!!! The mammoth organ throbs once, twice, and then three times, and then huge white gobs of cum start pounding out into the Extractor tank. Studbuster checks all the connections once more, "So, Superman, thanks to my superior intellect I am about to forcibly take from you the very essence of Male lactation stories powers. His dick is fully and painfully erect now, tightly gripped inside the vacuum hose.

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You will undoubtedly feel your greatness flowing out of your body as my Extractor stimulates your nipples and continuously pumps your penis, scrotum, testicles, and prostate. Just a devious and wicked little fantasy of mine! Once Dr. Studbuster Lesbian mormon stories finished, your powers will be permanently erased. Milking all those juices Stories about young blonde married that became black cock sluts from the source.

Despite the intense pain in his balls, dick, and ass, Superman's pleasure points are being programmatically stimulated, giving intense pleasure along with the intense pain. And I love the part where you emphasize more on the milking part.

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I've always enjoyed the idea of draining a big bull stud Hanging girl wedgie story his manly fluids, preferably while under duress and pain. I expect that those full, fabulous balls of yours will be left with considerably less bulk — and reduced to a fraction of their present size — before you are reduced to nothing more than a useless eunuch! More current is diverted to the metal contacts on the Prostate Stimulator buried deep inside his anus, the extended nubs rubbing against the prostate and bowel lining.

I think I've found and now posted here everything of his that's posted on the Web, but if you know of any others, please let me know! And youre not the only one with that fetish ; I also love forced milking and sounding tube. And you can kiss your marriage to Lois Lane Guys peeing stories. She'll never want you after we're done with you. The water temperature in the nut pouch begins alternating between warm and cool while the water pressure simultaneously increases and decreases, squeezing and releasing the Superman erotic stories, trapped ball sac.

And yet the titanic orgasm thunders on and on!! And even though it was encased in the straining suction tube, I could clearly make out every curve and line of his titanic cock head, Mousepad yuku stories was bigger than a large fist.

Strange dealings: the fall of superman

Spurt after massive spurt of jism begins to coat the entire bottom of the big storage tank. The hard rubber tubing of the suction device is forced to expand under the relentless swelling of the cock trapped inside it, and I wonder for a few moments if the suction Giantess love stories would split under the strain. I'm glad you enjoyed the milking sequence.

That's good. You possess extraordinary Uniform stealing stories and endurance, Superman, so I fully anticipate that it will take a good long while to burn out your behemoth balls, but rest assured, they WILL be destroyed. I suspect that a bad situation is about to turn much worse. I Amputee fiction short stories to run the Extractor at full power until your testicles are burned out and incapable of producing sperm.

This is hotter than the original.

‘superman’ stories

You'll never succeed with your perverted plans. I am literally going to run those huge balls of yours to failure, castrating you by working your balls to Lesbian choose your own story You'll be a sperm-less, flaccid freak, unable to cum! Studbuster reveals his plan to milk Superman of his Girl pantsed stories potent sperm to breed his own army of super soldiers I close my eyes, listening to the sounds of water gurgling through the ball pouch, the hum of machinery, and Superman's ragged breathing.

Your avenging days are over!!! I don't want you to miss anything.

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Studbuster and Todd examine the tank and nod with satisfaction. Superman comes for well over a full minute before collapsing weakly back on the table. The first huge blast is followed quickly by another, and another, and another, each massive jet of cum as titanic as the first, in a seemingly never ending Reddit incest story of hyper masculinity. When I'm done with you, you'll be my impotent slave! Opening my eyes, I now have a clear view Naked little sister stories the tortured hero.

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Studbuster turns to me, "Do you have a good view, boy? They'll use and abuse that pretty ass of yours day and night! The Extractor will swallow every drop of semen that you can produce. I am sure I will. Milking out all those stud essence. As the final dregs of his earth-shattering load are squeezed out of his cock, Todd inspects the Stories that will turn me on on the side of the tank and whistles, announcing that Superman has just pounded out over a full GALLON of cum!!

A deserted island (superman sex story)

The awesome girth of his cock is at least as extraordinary as its impossible length, and appears to be even thicker than Cuckold blackmail stories business end of a large baseball bat. Besides, how would you ever consummate the marriage? Will be looking forward to it and thank you. Thank you so much for that compliment! Soon, Superman starts to buck his hips a little, his moans becoming more intense. Haha not a problems.

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Without further ceremony, Dr. Studbuster starts the Extractor. Though this entire show will soon be televised to the whole globe, you have the distinct honor and privilege of having front row seats! One that's a massive opus of about 20 chapters that I finally finished a few months ago.

Things are getting serious for the Man of Steel. Electrical current begins running through the tit clamps, causing Superman's massive chest muscles to twitch uncontrollably, deepening the incredible crevice between those Spanked at work stories, thick plates of muscle. He shakes his head from side to side as he fights against the orgasm building in his huge cock and pendulous balls, but the machines are relentless and mercilessly continue to rape his most private parts.

The massive cum tube running on the Superman erotic stories of that gargantuan penis had to be as thick as Forced crossdress stories thumb! Lois Lane will look upon you as a freak! As Robert Moon is also my fave artist.

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Todd leans close to Superman's handsome, sweat-soaked face, "Oooh, we're so scared.

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