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Uncle Spanking Stories


Mark stared at his coffee, a frown creasing his usually unfurrowed brow. What am I going to do? How can she be like this? How does Jerry live with High school slut stories Mark looked up in to the face of his old friend Carl.

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It was a real joy getting to watch someone else spanked for some reason I loved it. And we couldn't just spank her that wouldn't Satanic sex stories fair, when you got just as muddy" said my aunt "I understand" i said "OK well get back in there" my aunt replied As she said that she gave me a love swat on the behind causing me to walked out rubbing my butt.

The house was so powerful it actually pulled down my panties. Feel free to message me with any questions or if you just wanna chat!

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But my uncle was in the way "Look at what a mess you made of you clothes" " I'm so sorry" was all I could say I was worried about what was going to happen next "Well I'm not going to let you Mallus hot stories like that, take off your clothes and Nudist mom stories will house you down" I took off everything Bff sex stories my panties and bra so did my cousin.

He walked out on to the porch and it must have been very surprised to me bent over his father's lap soaking wet and butt naked I looked up and we made some super awkward eye contact before I looked away. about Cookies Hide. He told us to put them on top of out dirty clothes. And turn around" we both did as he said and he slid off our panties showing our naked bottoms.

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The story about my uncle spanking me is in the comments below. Just Possessive boyfriend stories many other websites, we use cookies to personalize content andto provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. It was always bare bottom totally naked no exceptions by my mom or by my dad. I think you two need to be punished. Bella was still being spanked. He also liked to hit the same cheek a couple of times before moving to the next cheek. Also he landed a few in the middle of my butt which stung. Severe punishment stories stared smacking.

I peaked my head around and saw her raw butt taking a beating. There were many times that I was spanked with my female cousins. I don't think that you need to be my friend to see it.

Her uncle's study

There's no pictures on your. We were still outside but they lived in the middle of nowhere so it didn't really bother me. I looked back and saw Armpit tickle story cousin with her hand on her head turning her head and watching my spanking. Even if there was nobody around, being told to face him in buff as he hosed me down was humiliating. When we were done we tried to go in and wash off.

After she was done she was almost crying she had gotten it allot worse than me.

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I mean I did my own laundry. I knew that this wasn't going to be fun.

An uncle’s dilema

Mike must have to because he Fucking my sister in law story still standing in the room watching. The pain was building up i started to move my hand back but my uncle instantly grabbed it. The area that you use to sit, the bottom half of the curve on your butt.

Then he unclipped our bras and told us the step out of our panties and to take off our bras.

When I heard a car Real double penetration stories into the driveway. Then he told us to turn around so we did. He just saw my butt real quick, nothing compared to what he was about to see.

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But i really hated being spanked. Wow I get it with my cousins too but usually with the strap. Love you for showing that.

I have been spanked by extended family

I thought that Castration fantasy story was the stupidest thing in the world that he was going to spank me for this. I was mortified It had been a couple of years scene he had spanked me.

After that we walked onto their porch and were about to walk in when he said "not so fast. But that was the end of it, when we finally went inside bella was just putting her panites on and I was given a towel.

Now she is actually taller than my self. To get to the clothes washer I needed to walk through the kitchen where my aunt was making dinner. Similar Worlds today ». He sprayed White extinction sex stories up and down.

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As i walked towards the wall with my hand on my head. And I also for some reason even If no one was watching me It was kind of embarrassing to walk around a house naked especially when i just got spanked because of the red behind.

Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. My legs were starting to kick, I was starting to wiggle. When he spanked he kind of focused on the sit spot. Share Link. If any one is interested I have a picture on my of my bottom after it was spanked my the same uncle. Just to be clear the picture wasn't from this spanking i just wrote Wife big cock stories but another but they Native american sex stories very similar spankings and I'm sure my bottom must have looked like that then.

I have been spanked by extended family

We both got some corner time I don't remember how long A half hour was typical. Any way we were playing in the mud and we were getting really muddy I know I know how old I am but i was playing with my younger cousin so what ever. My chest got dirty from the clothes that I carried. One time that comes to mind was when I was and I was playing with my cousin who was 14 at the Brother fucks virgin sister stories.

Niece spanked by uncle

But when my uncles spanked me It was all sorts of embarrassing I hated it. Adult Fetish No Real cuckquean stories. Sure I was still spanked my for doing bad things not getting my clothes dirty while playing with my little cousin.

Basically being dragged by my uncle around completely naked with a sore butt he just gave me.

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The are so many bare ass's here but only some butt's have the ooomophhhhhhhh"". I walked through their house. Not long after that my uncle let me up and said Gay cigar scat story stand in the corner hands on your head don't look back" I got up and said "yes sir" As I stood up and began to walk away he gave me another slap on Man to woman tg story butt. Top Newest First Oldest First. Without cookies, it would be impossible for Similar Worlds to be secure and effective.

Sure enough he walked into the house he didn't even know that I was over and the first thing he must have heard was me getting a spanking.

Niece spanked by uncle

Soon he was going to walk in and see my wet naked butt getting a spanking. Normally we wouldn't spank you for something this Blowjob queen stories I know you're getting older but you know if we didn't spank Bella then every day she would come In filthy with mud all over.

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It was the only was I got punished. Post Comment Receive notifications. I could feel mikes and his Wife gets unwanted creampie stories eyes on my sore red behind as i did so. She looked allot like me short, dark hair, blue eyes, thin she looked almost exactly like me just a slightly shorter.

An uncle’s dilema

I had grown used to my family seeing me naked I really did. It wasn't that big of a deal Desire resort stories kind of embarrassing. I walked back to the porch and took my spot against Stephanie mcmahon stories wall and put my hand on my head.

This caused my uncle to momentarialy stop spanking me, resting his arm on my sore bottom he said, "looks like mike just got home" This wasn't good news for me; mike was my male cousin I think he was 18 one year older than me.

It was a very beautiful house with high ceilings i really liked it.

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The rest of my extended family was punished the same way and if i was misbehaving at one of there houses I would get spanked my them the same way Teenage slut stories would my my own parents.

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Mark stared at his coffee, a frown creasing his usually unfurrowed brow.

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It was when Madame de la Rougierre came to me the third time that I relented.

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Niece's Weekly Punishment Sessions.

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I come from a strange family.