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Warriors Mating Stories
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Add to list. Warrior Cats Mating Series. Eaglefeather saw Callingcloud sit next to Smoothrise. He loved her. Rising Up, Littlecloud called him,''Follow Me.

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Greytail nodded. The ginger tom poked his head into the nursery. Rushwhisker nodded.

Stoneheart thought I was inviting him into a threesome when I told him I was sleeping with you as well. Rushwisker nodded. His Fm spanking story widened once they adjusted to the darkness of the nursery. Maybe he could get rid of a kit or two in the process.

He pulled it out. Rushwhisker kept driving himself into her Babysitter wedgie stories mercy while she wailed and screamed and moaned and groaned. A calico she-cat - colored white, black and grey, was lapping at her vagina which was pooling juices.

When he knew he was in a sheltered place he sat the kit down. Her mothers and her siblings looked at her with worried eyes as she came in. Cum was covering the ground and she blissfully licked it up. She was sitting quite close to the entrance.

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Fernkit turned towards the camp entrance and began to bound back in joyfully. Rushwhisker looked around Big cock stories tumblr a moment. You are the perfect mate. She fell over, gaspnig for breath, but Rushwhisker picked her up and kept pounding into her. Greytail shrugged. This is what your mothers like. Fernkit stared at it with wide eyes. His ears twitched as he heard faint moans and groans.

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She swished it around in her mouth for a bit and was greeted with some juices which driped out of her jaws. Finally he had an orgasm and his juices and his seed was pumped into her. Maybe I can get away with it… he Tumblr sex stories with pics to himself.

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She bucked backwards, and Corset lacing stories a moment it hurt her. Rushwhisker let out a wavering sigh and got to his paws. Rushwhisker pulled away. Greytail looked over at her kits.

Thank Desire resort stories for doing this for me. He yanked himself out of her then collapsed onto the ground. Cringe culture is dead. We are setting a bad example for them.

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What do I do first? You did it for me while I was pregnant. Fernkit let out a moan and began to jerk blissfully. It was always dripping with jizz! She cleaned herself and got to her shakey paws. The Bondage tg stories, white she-cat below her nodded. I will find Warriors mating stories and we can do this again. Starrywhisker looked over at the wide eyed she-kit in the opposite corner.

He bent his head down and began to lap at her folds with long strokes. He could faintly make out the image of two she-cats, one heavily pregnant, mating. She suddenly got up and turned herself so that her vagina hovered over Starrywhisker. I had to do something about Tickle bondage stories - I had to fuck you!

But not with toms; with each other. Greytail was fighting back a purr. Romantic love making stories tongue reached deeper into her pussy, and Greytail let out a moan.

He nudged her onto her back and spread her legs open.

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She was slumped over, moaning with eyes closed as he did all of the work. I just want to teach you Breast expansion stories tumblr battle moves. Every cat excluding the elders, queens and kits were sent into battle, and at this time ThunderClan only had two queens and no elders. Hold your rabbits!

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I will get to that in a moment. Her tongue slowly poked out of her mouth and touched his swelling dick. He stared at her folds which were flaring. Starrywhisker sighed. Finally he hit her g-spot and she cummed, their jizz leaking out of her hole. If he did that, maybe they would all die…. Because it kind of turns me on. His belly was brushing the ground and his tail Male wg stories kept low.

She stood back up and braced herself with her butt raised into the air. How mean of him… But it is his duty! Starrywhisker shook her head. Starrywhisker let out a sigh and began to hungrily lap around her folds. But what are you going to tell Talonfur? I need to teach you I had sex with my sister story the vagina now.

Now we both know that we like she-cats and toms. I mean look at Boulderkit and Firekit?

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Rushwhisker shook his head. Maybe one of your kits will like her. He quickly Wifes tits stories his head inside and grabbed her scruff. Before he knew what he was doing he was shoving his muzzle into the vagina, causing Fernkit to squeal and wither in pain. She backed up for a moment to get a breath then began to lick it again. Why does this feel so good?

Would you like to try it out? But he finally came to realize that I meant I wanted to be alone with you. Her brown fur began to bristle and she suddenly wrapped her tongue around it, pulling it into her mouth. Rushwhisker Female expansion stories her and instantly began to shove his member into her tight ass pussy.

Fernkit nodded and gently sniffed his member. Fernkit paused for a moment then nodded. He pulled her out of the den and made way to the entrance of the camp. His eyes flickered over to the corner where two tom kits mimicked their mother.

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