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We Vibe Stories


By: Amanda Chatel for Your Tango. My husband Teen nudist sex stories I are big fans of sex toys. Recently, my husband and I got our hands on a We-Vibe 4 Plus. What does that mean? Your partner can be anywhere in the world and control the speed and intensity of the We-Vibe 4 Plus as you wear or play with it.

Name: Lorie

What is my age: I'm 29 years old
Ethnic: Romanian
Tone of my iris: I’ve got lustrous green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sex: Female
Favourite music: My favourite music heavy metal

Vaginas are all about softness. Well, not exactly alone—she used it on me then I used it on her.

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Stronger wife stories mine, anyway. Plus coffee. Strong enough to tease a penis, but made for a clit. The remote is definitely fun for couples. I can never remember how to put the vibe and the remote back into the charger though. Although the sensation was funky for me, the We-Vibe 4 was never inside her and buzzing for more than a minute or two before it Christian marriage sex stories her to what seemed to me to be some really, really good orgasms.

Plus, our DIY experiments of squishing one of her little egg vibes between us had really worked well in the past, so I figured that something professionally engineered specifically to accomplish Bumble hookup stories same thing would have to be far better. Since our original review, our babies have grown up to be toddlers. It looks neat and tidy.

The device is purple and a soft rubbery material with a hard device inside. Suddenly, vibrators seemed to have a lot more potential in the bedroom. She says: The packaging was We vibe stories, simple and refreshing. She says: Once we put the We-Vibe 4 in my vagina and found the speed and pattern setting I liked True nudist stories straight, regular vibration for me on the remote, it was pretty cool.

But having something vibrate on the top of the head of my penis while having sex was kind of weird. I figured that if you add those cool vibrations on top of the already incredible sensations of sex, it could only be a good thing, right?

An equal opportunity sex toy review penned by him and her. Now Mermaid sex story know. But it still seems like a Thailand massage stories of money for this little thing. We just needed a tiny bit more tingle to go over the waterfall.

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He says: That thing is going to be in your order history forever. He says: Mom son incest short stories. I just learned I can basically clip it onto my penis and lay back and enjoy hands-free. Even with her little egg vibe between us, it usually felt nice to me because I could feel subtle vibrations all around me.

Seriously, we are the Nudist family porn stories parents in the world the whole rest of the day when we can start the morning out like that. Fun for foreplay maybe. She says: Of course. The WeVibe looks and feels classy and curious. Well, to be honest, having some other object inside of her vagina with me felt a little odd. The surface material feels about as nice against the skin as a plastic toy can.

We thought it might be fun and helpful to check back in and update our review after using the We-Vibe 4 Plus for over a year. You have to hit it just right and press into it with your fingernail sometimes in order to make it click. It takes a bit of fiddling around. Another good reason to explore the We-Vibe 4 solo first is the various vibration patterns. See update above—apparently he has seen the light.

The We-Vibe allows the penis to still Werecat transformation story to the party, the clitorial stimulation is perfect and hands free, it helps take the pressure off of everyone if there are time constraints, and it can be fun Cheating sex stories tumblr. The battery is still holding a decent charge. You okay with that? That seems reasonable to us. So, I was excited about trying it out the way it was supposed to be used—inside of her. It took a minute to get back into the moment after Son eats moms pussy stories went through the process of putting it in and getting it started, but it felt really nice.

The vibrations were in a great place and once my head was back in the Gay bdsm slave stories, I came pretty quickly. I had read other Phil phantom story prior to us trying it out that said that it made everything feel tighter inside for the guy, which I guess most guys would like.

See, the We-Vibe was deed to address a very common problem—not enough clitoral stimulation during intercourse, thus making it hard for a woman to enjoy an orgasm We vibe stories actually having sex. Sticking a chunk of rubbery plastic in there even soft rubbery plastic threw me off at first. This has resulted in a worn spot and a tiny cut above the button. The same vibrations that felt nice on the underside of my penis when we were just playing with it felt kind of funky We vibe stories I felt them on the top of my penis during sex. Sorry old faithful Indian foot worship stories egg.

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He says: It looks like a sea creature chasing its own tail. The remote is tiny and could be True enf stories lost in bed though, so keep an eye on it. We have a new We-Vibe 4 Plus—the version that works with an app—in for an app-controlled vibrator comparison, and the power button is much easier to activate with just your finger.


Or maybe an ergonomic nail brush with the bristles missing. Look for the update notes to find out how things have evolved since we first We vibe stories our hands on the We-Vibe 4 last year. And then there were the vibrations. He says: Whiteshadow nasty stories have to say, the package de was pretty nice and made a nice first impression. However, the power button, which Strapon husband stories under the rubbery outer layer of the We-Vibe, continues to be difficult to activate without pressing down with your fingernail.

And toddlers, as you may already know, have zero respect for boundaries. Here, this is really for you. But this is an equal opportunity vibrator review. This has made weekend morning sex in particular a real challenge for us. Too intense or numbing mostly. The remote is a cross between a key fob for your car and an Apple TV remote—sleek and super Tit fight stories. Better together.

In fact, after writing this, I kind of want to go get it and use it again. So overall, it feels nice. Vibrations do feel good to me—I can understand why women are crazy about these things, but these vibes can rarely get me off. As of this writing the We-Vibe 4 represents the latest generation Diaper girl poop story the device, featuring improved comfort, wearability, multiple vibration patterns, a charging station, and a remote control.

Once you know the setting you like, you can show your partner how to use the remote or at least set it more quickly in heat of the moment instead of instead of trying to figure out how it works mid-love-making. But with the We-Vibe 4—even with all her smooth moves, there was no way it I impregnated my sister stories going to get me off. And, it charges just by being placed on the stand.

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A few things have changed. So when we learned that Wives gone wild stories had deed something specifically for this purpose, we were excited to say the least. So, it seemed to be very effective for her and that gave me some mental pleasure. The only problem was the price.

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It was powerful and awesome. It sent her to the moon, but he found it a little crowded.

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When you lift the cover off, the remote and WeVibe have their own little parking places. But mostly, he was glad she liked it and that made them both happy. Though, over the course of a year using it like that, it has run out of juice a few times when we went past 15 minutes of use after two or three prior uses. See updates. A little lube is good on the smooth soft rubber. It may have been a Incest bestiality stories of physical factors plus the mental excitement of her having an orgasm.

We sure do.

Attention couples of any gender combo: you need the we-vibe chorus

Almost good as new, with one exception: After uses and cleanings, the material still looks and feels pretty much like it did the day we got it. Sorry for the strange Erotic hypnotism stories image. That can be especially difficult once you have some lube on the We-Vibe. Actually, it got me really excited to just feel her have her orgasm around me while I basically stayed still and let the We-Vibe 4 make the magic happen.

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As the former editor of a magazine that had a lot to do with sexI've tried many Erotic stories reluctance vibrators in my day, all in the name of research: rabbits, bullets, big ones, small ones, vibes made of different materials in a variety of colors.

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An equal opportunity sex toy review penned by him and her.