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Werecat Transformation Story


This is an experimental story. Please keep the main focus on Animal based transformations. Other transformation types may be included, but Animal must be the main focus of a chapter. Administration will remove any chapters that they Open relationship sex stories do not meet this need without warning or explanation.

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In the case of leopards, this is often because the creature is really a leopard god or goddess masquerading as human. African legends describe people who turn into lions or leopards.

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When these gods mate with humans, offspring can be produced, and these children sometimes grow up to be shapeshifters. South American werecats usually became jaguars. Ancient Babysitter tickle story held that every race except the Han Chinese were really animals in disguise, so there was nothing extraordinary about some of these false humans reverting to their true natures.

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This is a shared blog between myself and my pack, so feel free to ask any of us questions. The species involved can be a domestic cat, a tiger, a lion, a leopard, a lynx, or any other type, including some that are purely fantastical felines. Werecat Lore. Feline bipeds are sometimes classified as part of cryptozoology, but more often they are Bondage hood stories as werecats.

Asian werecats usually become tigers.

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Typically, an individual werecat can only transform to one unique feline, not to a of different species. American urban legends tell of encounters with feline bipeds, beings like Bigfoot except with cat he, tails and paws. With Femdom sissy maid stories who turn into lions, the ability is often associated with royalty.

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I decided to make a blog just Peeing yourself stories, y'anno, mingle with you folks. During the witch trials, this was official Church doctrine: all shapeshifters, including werewolves, were just specialized witches.

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Folklore European folklore usually depicts werecats who transform into Eating my sisters pussy stories cats. In what is now Mexico, Aztec folklore described jaguar people as being specially blessed by one of the gods, but modern Mexican folklore is more likely to attribute such transformation powers to the devil.

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In India, the weretiger is often a dangerous sorcerer, portrayed as a menace to livestock who might at any time turn to man-eating. Cougars appear rarely, and jaguars only appear south of the American border.

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There are also urban legends about jaguar shapeshifters lurking along highways in tales similar to the vanishing hitchhiker and of them being assassins secretly employed by the government or organized crime. In folklore and fantasy fiction, Werecats are shapeshifters who are similar to werewolves, except that they turn Gay jackoff stories some species of feline instead of a wolf.

Some of these ghosts were responsible for transforming ordinary humans into man-eating weretigers.

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They are generally labeled witches, even though they often have just the one magical ability, of self-transformation. Stiles here. In some tribes, all shamans were thought to have the ability to become jaguars.

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Such a being may have been a king or queen in a former life, or may be destined for leadership in this life. Any of them who never transform will have other powers.

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Chinese legends often describe weretigers as the victims of either heredity or a vindictive ghost. North American werecat legends are usually based on the European model, with Embarrassing enema stories cats, either normal-sized or giant, being the favored shape.

This quality of heroic warriorship can be seen in the lions of Tsavo, which were reputed to be kings in lion shape, attempting to repel the invading Europeans by stopping their railroad.

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Some European werecats became giant domestic cats or black panthers. More info can be found here. Alternately, the ghosts of people who had been killed by tigers would become malevolent supernatural beings, devoting all their energy to making sure that tigers killed more humans. We'll try to get back Sexy wife sex stories you amidst all the chaos.

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Beneath the gray, flat clouds the sky was the color of curdled milk.

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A werecat is a therianthropic creature of folklore, horror, and occultism, described as being a shape-shifter similar to a werewolf.