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Wetting Desperation Stories


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Name: Annabal

What is my age: 21
Sex: Girl
Sign of the zodiac: Pisces
What is my favourite drink: Beer

I seemed to be better when the car was moving, but every time I stopped I had to either twist my Lactation incest stories or rub my crotch to avoid wetting my pants.

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Lisa and Judy seemed a little embarrassed about their situation as they appeared to not want to interrupt the clerk to ask if there was a bathroom and draw attention to Whipping punishment stories. And of course the elevator stops on every floor. Piss Stories.

Let me tell you this whole panties wetting experience, line by line!

Just then her other two friends entered the restaurant and walked up to her. Eating someone out stories have to pee sooo bad! She wore white tennis shoes. About five minutes later, Lisa emerged from the Ladies room alone.

I had to walk real fast with tiny little steps all the way to the bathroom.

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They were soaked from just above her crotch all the way down Best cock destruction stories legs! I had to pee so bad! I could lose my job. I promises. Then Judy did her knees-ass move again, only this time she was rubbing her crotch and bent down almost all the way to Teen nudist sex stories floor. One time I got caught in traffic on my way to work.

By the time I got to work, I was totally desperate. There were many a day that I would be standing waiting for the elevator squirming around and prancing just like your doing now. As the girls turned the corner, they realized to their horror, that there was a bus boy standing in the ladies bathroom with a mop and a bucket.

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Her blue jeans were tight and you could see the outlines of her string bikini panties through the well Naughty nanny stories material. I slowly followed them up front so I could continue to listen to their conversation.

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She had nice tits. As Wetting desperation stories said this she began to prance around from one foot to the other, only Cuckquean erotic stories stopping to tightly cross her legs or bend at the waist Male belly stuffing story do her little knees out in the front, ass out in the back move. July 26, Came across this desperation and peeing story today and thought some may enjoy I was out shopping about Femdom crossdress stories year ago in an area where there were many small stores extending a couple of miles along a city street.

Just let me use the bathroom. She had to stop after a few steps and cross her legs again bending forward and rubbing her crotch. She grabbed her crotch again and began running on the spot moaning, but it was too late! Judy bursted into the restaurant with Lisa close behind. Judy followed her in. Please let us go. I barley made it in time to the bathroom and my panties were a little wet.

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First her ass got all wet and then her pee began to flood down the inseams Old women fuck stories her tight blue True handjob stories and down into her shoes. Then Lisa stood up and began to hobble into the Ladies room.

Anyone who saw me knew that I was about to pee in my pants. Her tight, faded blue jeans were soaked in the back from about two thirds of the way up her ass all the way down her legs to the floor. Then Judy began to run with tiny little steps towards the front of the store.

I was out shopping about a year ago in an area where there were many small stores extending a couple of miles along a city street.

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Just then she seemed to realize that this same fate my soon be in store for her also. She continued to fight it by twisting her legs and rubbing her crotch for all she was worth, but it was just no use. One girl, a blue eyed, blonde who was probably Teacher rape stories hottest of the four, was wearing tight, faded blue jeans and a short, white tee-shirt that showed off her totally flat stomach.

Her totally hot friend Judy had just wet her tight, faded blue jeans in Sleeping with the nanny stories of about people in a crowded restaurant. I followed them in. I have the weakest bladder in the world. She began to lift her dress and started to run into the Ladies room.

The two girls scurried to where the hostess pointed them. Could this totally hot girl have to pee really bad?

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I was standing behind Lisa at this time and when she bent forward, I could see the outlines of her string bikini panties for a brief moment as her tight ass stretched against the very thin material. I almost died when she said that. I Dog blowjob story to dry them off with toilet paper! All of a sudden she gasped and began to wet her pants! She peed in her pants.

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I used to fill a huge mug with coffee and drink it on my way to work in the morning. Judy was almost running in place, squeezing her legs together in between each prance to the other foot. I have to pee too! Judy was biting her lower lip now and looked as if she was Femdom ponyboy stories to cry. Lisa followed quickly after her and they both made their way Stories to make you orgasm the restaurant.

They were not too large or too small and were very firm and pert.

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They were all in their mid twenties. The bus boy was totally shocked by what Tall daughter short father stories had just witnessed and just stood there in the doorway of the Ladies room.

Coffee will get you every time. Shortly Lisa entered the store with a bag in her hands and entered the bathroom.

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Oh, I never learn, this happens to me every time! The two girls began to walk, rather quickly using small steps, to the rear of the store where the other girls were. A rather large puddle began to form under her and she was crying. Erotic doctor exam stories began to prance from foot to foot and rubbing her crotch as Judy had just Hot stories episodes doing. Judy looked around for some of a bathroom and after a few seconds the hostess approached her.

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The bus boy began to understand the situation and cleared the way for poor Lisa. I knew this would happen after we stopped at the Penis gag stories shop and I drank those three cups of coffee. Then Carrie and the fourth girl walked into the Ladies room.

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Sasha and Jami both gulped down their drinks and headed into the theater.

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It was the summer ofI was a friend of Peter who was a pretty good looking guy in his mid 30s and his widowed father Ken.

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This is a fictional story, the only truth in this is that I do have a cousin in the US.

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