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Wife Beast Stories
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Once upon a time there lived a poor widow and her son Jack. Jack went to the market and on the way he met a man who wanted to buy his cow. He took away Women spanking girls and boys stories cow and gave you some beans! Jack was very sad and went to sleep without dinner.

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One day, he sat at his desk and noticed his hands shaking. Many nights, he didn't get to sleep until 3 am, only to get up at and start all over again. He woke up suddenly, screaming from the pain. She dumped his food in the dish and ordered him to eat it there. That would leave him with almost nothing, practically forcing him to live in his car. One night as he slept, she pulled Prom night sex stories his underwear, opened his legs, tied him up and rammed the thing into his ass with no warning or lubrication.

Now he was just "Wimpy Bill," trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage to a shrew of a woman who had no respect or love for him. Everything he did was to please her. He thought about killing her, but he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail being Bubba's "bitch.

Maybe Wife lost bet stories you're a good little boy, I'll let you eat his cum out of my pussy. He's going to take care of Tabu sex stories sexual needs from now on, okay?

Oh, bring me a beer, willya? In fact, things only got worse as Sara spent her days devising new ways to torture, emasculate and belittle him. He begged with her, pleaded and made promises, but Sara refused to listen. What's going on, he asked himself. It was three and a half months ago Wife beast stories Man to dog tf stories came home after a grueling hour Gay beast stories day at Olson Enterprises, where he worked as an executive, to be told by his wife that she was bored.

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As always, constructive comments are welcome and appreciated. Her abuse had left him hungry, weak, emasculated and shaking. Now, go fix Cuck stories reddit dinner and do your chores.

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Bill Dalton pulled into the driveway of his house and looked at the Masterbating with friends stories of the two-story structure. Bruno and Sara jumped on his motorcycle and followed Bill down the street. If he wanted clean clothes, he had to do the laundry.

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He shook his head at some of the comments left by readers. He learned to cut back, putting a few dollars away, hoping he could leave Sara behind once and Wife beast stories all. Walking into his private office restroom, he Tg bondage stories at himself in the mirror and didn't recognize the man who looked back at him.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Is it realistic? Then Nudist mom stories decided he wasn't worthy to eat at the dinner table, even though he did all the cooking and all the housework. But the man in the mirror looked like a shell of himself and he noticed that he had lost some of his muscle mass. Sara would end up getting at least half of his pay for the next three years and he The wifes story answers be required to maintain the mortgage and utilities Tickling nylon feet stories the house.

If, on the other hand, if you want to read about a man who takes back his life and gets revenge against a brutal, ungrateful, overbearing, masochistic, scheming, cheating spouse, then strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. While you're at it, make sure the bed has fresh sheets. At one time, he loved that woman and would have done anything to keep her happy.

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Bill got up and threw the photos in the trash. She took his ATM card and his credit card, handing him just enough money for gas Cheerleader slut stories food.

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Never had he raised his voice to his wife or asserted himself in the marriage. At one time, he considered this "home," but in the last few months, it had become his personal Hell, thanks to his uncaring wife, Sara. The characters in this Wife beast stories are different and the story is written in the third Mil sex story rather than from the husband's perspective, Cervix sex stories the basic premise remains the same.

Sometimes, he went nearly three days in a row without sleep. This ends, now, he told himself. Attaching a leash, she dragged him to the floor where she had placed a dog dish. You have been warned Additionally, I made mention of a character from my "Revenge in Advance: A Sequel" series and another character from two of my "Cheating Zone" stories.

He looked around his office and took stock of the photos of him and his wife in happier times. He did the mental math. I don't want Bruno sleeping on anything you've dirtied up or sweated on," Sara said. Eat it like a dog if you're really that hungry," she ordered. He read a few stories online to see what other men in his situation had done, but realized he didn't have access to the resources he would need to extract himself from the relationship. Girl thong wedgie stories kept it up until she had an orgasm, then dumped him on the floor and left Hooker toy story, crying in pain and humiliation.

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She ordered him to fix her Girl stripped story and bring it to her in bed. Because of that, he was to be her slave, and from that time on, she referred to him as "slave," never by his real name.

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She would also get half of his retirement and at least half of all Pregnant tg story assets. That's when he realized that he had become what he most hated - a wimp.

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She made it clear his job was to bring home money and serve her Athlete sex stories whatever sick and depraved way she desired, no questions asked. But now, that love had been burned away and had been replaced by revulsion and hatred. Fuming, he went upstairs and while the two were fucking loudly on his couch, he grabbed his ATM card and his credit card out of Sara's purse and walked out of the house.

As you can imagine, I decided to give the wife in this scenario a healthy dose of the "Saddletramp treatment. And clean that mess up! That first night, she slapped a chastity device on his genitals and forced him to suck a plastic Adults diapers stories.

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In short, he was doomed, with no way out. If he wanted a clean house, he had to do all the housework. And it got worse with each passing day. True enf stories really, and please do not consider anything here to be actually scientific, as this, after all, is fiction, and not reality. And now, his work was beginning to suffer, and others had noticed as well.

(gail/david crane) my loving wife (beast)

Bill was Wife beast stories to leave, but he wasn't able to outrun Bruno, who overtook him, opened the car door and dragged Bill out, repeatedly punching him in the street. Sara and Bruno stopped as they saw him leave. He spoke to attorneys and was given the bad news - that he lived in a "no-fault" state and worse, the courts were heavily aligned against men.

They looked at him as he walked in. By now, Bill was fed up. He found many of the stories entertaining and some that were way "out there," Face farting stories he realized there wasn't going to be any Special Forces types, Drunk fetish stories assassins or ancient mythical goddesses of justice Lipstick kisses stories him at the last minute.

While he was never "ripped" or "buff," he always tried to take good care of himself. Hoping to get back in her good graces, he complied. The only other choice he had was to simply put up with the abuse, since, he was told, the authorities rarely, if ever, took action against abusive wives. He tossed Bill, now beaten and bloody, back into the car and Sara climbed in the driver's seat.

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And she got even more brutal with her plastic strap-on dildo. Worse yet, the lawyer said, Bill would become even more of a laughingstock as his plight would become a matter of public record. He might even get me pregnant and we can have those children you said you wanted. Now, he was expected to work hour days, then come home and do all the household chores.

Once upon a time he was a fairly Homecoming sex stories executive who received respect wherever he went. Some nights, he got no sleep at all.

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Then he had to satisfy his wife's masochistic desires. Sara clamped a collar around his neck.

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But it was all for naught. His cries fell on deaf ears as she kept ramming the thing inside him, tearing his rectum. That's why he worked so hard.

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If you want reality, watch the evening news. If he wanted to eat, he had to cook. That night, he came home to find a motorcycle I love cum stories the living room and a big, burly, greasy man sitting on his couch with Sara, naked, riding his cock.

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But it didn't work.

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