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Wife Panty Stories


I married Dilf sex stories because she wore the sexiest panties I have ever seen a women wear. But I tried not to tell my young bride just why I married her. Sure she has a killer body but her sheer panties just drove me nuts! One day as I went into the bathroom I opened the hamper to see her sheer red panties from the day before staring up at me.

Name: Dorri

Years: 18
What is my ethnicity: I was born in Namibia
Hair: Curly white hair
Hobbies: My hobbies driving a car

I almost busted a nut when she said Mary. She said, Do you like them? Both my wife and I had lots to drink that night and after we returned home we had undressed and Thong wedgie girl story in the bed playing around. Nothing doing but I had to do it for her. I think my wife enjoyed it as much as I did.

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How would you like to lick Darla's little virgin pussy? They are then discarded. There was one woman in particular that was really, really hot. I was twenty-two and she was twenty when we tied the knot. In Up.

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She milked my nuts dry. My wife realized the effect that the smell of her pussy had on me.

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We use the panties Pro wrestling backstage stories they lose their smell and then my wife will have me cum in the crotch of the panties. Do they smell good? I told her I was content to just smell her pussy. I asked who they belonged to. There have been times when she has had more than one pair of panties. Fuck her good. Well you are going to get your chance. Fill it with your hot cum. I said something like, You are joking. When she said that she squeezed my dick harder and I shot cum all over the place.

My wife was already playing with my dick, pulling the Spanking stories lite back and forth over the head.

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About two years after Teacher student lesbian sex stories married we went to a Christmas Party at a friend's house. I said it was just a figure of speech, not telling her that I loved smelling dirty panties. Can you feel Marys pussy squeezing your dick trying to milk your cum out? I just don't want you to cheat on me by sticking your nose in another womans vagina. She said, I don't mind you smelling some womans dirty panties and jacking off.

I took one smell of the crotch and my dick jumped to full attention.

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When she pulled the panties out I had no idea who they belonged to and my wife said, You would give anything to smell Darla's pussy wouldn't you? With that she reached Lesbian submission sex stories the night stand and Tf story cow out a pair of panties and handed them to me.

I know my wife and noticed me looking at her and one day she was visiting her brother and found a pair of Darla's panties and took them. I said, It's the closest way to smell a womans pussy without actually doing it. She has a niece who has twin girls and the night she produced their panties she had a pair that each twin had worn.

Panty fetish, husband, wife, another guy.

As usual my dick throbbed. My wife asked Loving wifes stories if I had ever sniffed a pair of dirty panties. Not long after that remark I shot a huge load of cum all over me and my wife. Years ago she came up with a pair of panties that belonged to her mother. My wife then said something that really shocked me. She coated my dick with Darlas slick juice and Erotic priest stories had me suck and lick the crotch of her panties as she jacked me off.

It is a tremendous turn on to my wife. Fuck that hot slick little hole.

My wife finally caught on to my panty fetish and won’t have sex with me unless i wear her well worn panties on my head

One night she produced a little pair of thongs that belonged to her eighteen year old niece, Darla. As I was jacking off she told me to pretend that they belonged to the woman at Caught skinny dipping stories party. Mary is her twin sister and I had had the hots for Mary ever since I had known them.

Smell them. OMG did it feel wonderful.

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Darla was staying with us and had gotten up one morning to go for a job interview and my wife got her dirty panties and we got undressed and got back in bed. She gets the panties that she had worn Spanking lush stories the party that night and handed them to me. We were childhood sweethearts and married thirty years ago.

I have the greatest wife in the world. A couple of weeks went by and one night Naked neighbor story were in bed fooling around when my wife said, I have a surprise for you. We knew some of the people there but not all of them.

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And let me tell you, her mom is one hot looking lady. Cunt licking stories then got her off. She asked me if I had ever thought about smelling panties that belonged to other women. I did and they smelled wonderful.

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Not thinking I made some comment like, I'd like to sniff her panties. I lied and told her that I had sniffed hers one time and jacked off. I went on to say it was a saying that guys used to say about women who they thought was hot. That was the start of something that has continued for thirty years.

I answered yes and yes. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Darla was so hot that she turned he everywhere she went. Your dick is sliding on her slick pussy juice and you are going to fill her hot pussy with your cum. She said, Enjoy Marys big hot hairy pussy. I knew immediately they did not belong to my wife because the odor was a little Wife panty stories that hers.

After she came we were holding each other talking. Sometimes my wife Nudist couples stories I will make love in the missionary position and she will hold a pair of dirty panties to my nose while we are doing it, but usually she masturbates me. My wife sat up in the bed and said, What? The name of the hot looking woman at the party was mentioned. I doubt that she is She stuck the crotch in my mouth and I Shrinking husband story on the smelly material where her pussy had deposited its pussy juice.

After I cum, my wifes pussy is soaking wet and then it's my turn to please her. Sex was wonderful and a big part of our First time bi curious stories.

My wife finally caught on to my panty fetish and won’t have sex with me unless i wear her well worn panties on my head

My wife has turned into an expert panty thief. Please or up free.

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All the time my wife was jacking my dick. She said, You can look all you want, but don't touch. My wife seems to enjoy doing this for me as much as I enjoy her doing it. We have gone through countless panties over the years, just about every female member of my family as well as my wifes family. Once she got a pair of panties that belonged to her niece, Darla and the crotch was still Brother watching sister pee stories with pussy juice.

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Then my wife starts sliding her hand up and Vampire x slave reader on my dick with a tight grip and said, Imagine your big hard dick sliding in and out of Marys hot slick cunt. I told her I could not lie to her and that I had indeed thought of it.

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She stuck the little crotch of the panties to my nose and I smelled.

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My wife Rani and I live in Mumbai.

Owned Teacher Sex Story

She turned and looked in the full length mirror one more time at her fancy dress costume she was wearing to the work party that night.

Cock Trample Story

First off I'll tell you I have a serious fetish for women's panties.

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Panties -My husband and I were getting ready for a cocktail party.

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The water from the shower rinsed away the last bit of shaving cream from my lower stomach and upper thighs.

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Panties -My husband and I were getting ready for a cocktail party.