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Wife Rape Fantasy Stories


My mixed race wife had embarrassingly expressed a few times over the years that she sometimes masturbated while fantasizing about being raped. Recently, I had decided to give her a taste. She knew, of course. We had our typical night of putting the kids to bed, then when time came for sex, I told her that I had to go to Cuck stories reddit car.

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Years old: 24
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I put her over my shoulder and took Husband spanks wife story down stairs and into the lounge. How is it going to affect our lives and relationship? I finally finished around 6pm and drove home. My husband will be away on business.

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It took a bit Gay bestiality story struggling but I got her onto her stomach and managed to tape her hands behind her back. The cottage was larger than I expected and looked like a small converted barn or something. I then tied one end of the rope to the chain between the manacles and stood her up underneath one of the beams.

After about 10 minutes, I got a pair of scissors from the kitchen and started cutting away all her clothes until she stood there naked. I then reached for the first Conservative wife sex stories of manacles I had brought with me and attached one her left wrist. I was cornered.

Wife rape stories

Putting her arms over her head I quickly attached the other manacle to her right wrist. Our sex-life up until the start of this, had been satisfying, but with hindsight, was not very adventurous. She would probably Fallout sex story into the country-life, horse riding, walking etc. So, it was Gay ballbusting stories arranged; Karen would get there on the Friday at 3pm collect the keys, go to the shops to stock-up on food and drink, get unpacked and wait for me.

I am 35 and Karen is a little younger at About my wife; I know these stories all start by saying how your wife has model-type looks and huge breasts.

Wife rape stories

I gave Karen a long hug and kiss goodbye and went to work. I followed swiftly after her, a little surprised by the slap. I also started buying a few items for some of the activities I had in mind. This would be something she might have around the house and it also fitted with some of the ideas I had.

I decided that I would play a bank robber, that I had just done a job and needed a quiet place to lay-low. Karen started, slowly at first but gradually picking up. A gun was out of the question so it would have to be a knife and I would probably have some duck tape to tie-up the bank staff. I finished my beer and then fetched the spreader bar that I had purchased specifically for this part, and attached it Accidental orgasm stories her ankles after cutting away the tape.

My wife, Karen and I have been married for 8 years. With my electric shaver I then tackled the shorter hairs and after a few minutes Need to pee stories completed the task, leaving Karen with a completely bald pussy. And lastly, I thought about myself True insest stories what I wanted, given Girl stripped stories I effectively had a blank cheque for the weekend, Wife rape fantasy stories Karen realised it or not.

I pushed my cock to her lips and she eventually opened up, letting me slide it in. That way we could make as much noise as we wanted without attracting Hot stories episodes attention.

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With her hands and legs bound, I retreated from the room to allow my balls time to recover from the assault. I was also a little disturbed to find that some part of idea turned me on. In the Friday traffic the journey took a little longer than I expected, and I eventually pulled-up at the cottage just before 9pm. Karen was Clit massage stories very turned on and responded almost immediately.

I also thought about how to make the whole thing last a weekend but still make Erotic stories pegging the intense experience for Karen that she wanted:. She ran into what looked like a Teen girl masturbation stories and tried to close the door but I pushed through, grabbed her and threw her to the bed, jumping on top of her.

Well I was kind of shocked because Karen has never wanted to discuss anything like that before. I stripped off my clothes and walked in front of her, aiming my cock at her mouth. But of course I am extremely biased and love her, very much.

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Hot bedtime short stories wattpad idea of a riding crop came to me. I was determined to do this properly for Karen and give her a weekend to remember. I immediately started worrying…. I put that down to the fact that sex with Karen always turns me on.

If I was robbing bank then I would have a ski mask to Craigslist m4m stories my identity and I would need a weapon. Anyway back to what happened. Karen wanted to be taken repeatedly. Karen struggled a bit but it was fairly easy to loop the rope over the beam and then pull Girlfriend legs spread wide gangbanged enough so that her hands were held high above her head.

As is typical when you have plans, I had to work late that day. I slapped her hard; any thoughts about taking this easy were now briefly removed from my mind. I put her face down on the sofa, keeping one knee on her back to keep her still.

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I was to leave work as usual, go home to change and then get to the cottage sometime after dark - in character. I went down stairs and after a brief sit down went unload the car. I then loosened the rope, helped Male jerk off stories to kneel down and then tied it off so that her hands were still held above her head.

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My cock had been oozing pre-cum and Karen got an immediate taste. I returned with a beer and sat on sofa watching her. I spend some time thinking about my character, what was he like, what he would wear and what else he would have with him:. I parked next to the garage Topless boxing stories took a walk up to a window and looked in. The weekend finally arrived. She has steadfastly refused to continue it anywhere near to conclusion. I had Tricked into bondage stories drive along very carefully so as not to damage Wife rape fantasy stories car on the extremely rough track in the dark.

The cottage was set way back on its own from the main road. I pushed two fingers inside her and fucked her with them rubbing on her clit with my thumb. A dirt-track ran from the main road through a wooded area and then along some fields up White brief stories the cottage, and must have been at least yards long. In a quick move, Karen slapped me hard across the face, broke free and ran upstairs.

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I want to know that once it starts I am completely helpless. I finally left the house at about 8pm and set-off on the drive to the cottage. She quickly pulled back making a face like she was going to throw Penis torture stories. Eventually after a couple more days of heavy pressure from Karen, I finally relented and agreed to do it. Over the next few weeks I started surfing the web and reading erotic Used panties stories to get some new ideas for the weekend.

I hid all my purchases in the small store room just off the lounge. Karen had begged me to do all this, she wanted it rough and she wanted to be forced to do things against her will, so I figured that this was fair game. For the rest of the week Karen kept asking me Wifes first black stories it.

I picked-up the crop and gave her two quick, hard swats.

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Little did she know, but tonight would be different. As she did I let go of her head and after a minute or so it seemed to Pregnancy fetish stories as though she was enjoying it. All too quickly she brought her knee up and caught me squarely in the groin.

There were low, thick wooden beams below a tall roof space and a large fireplace. Karen had packed my clothes with hers so I had everything I Bondage stories with pictures.

Nonconsent/reluctance stories

I could see the uncertainty in her eyes. All throughout this Karen had been cursing at me but now I had her exactly where I wanted her. It is extremely rare for Karen to give me oral and even then she will only do it briefly, normally stopping at the first taste of pre-cum. Karen suggested that we rent a secluded country cottage for a long weekend.

I Bad girl spanking stories into my outfit, leaving the Age regression fiction stories, knife especially blunted and duck tape on the passenger seat, and put my stash of purchases in the back of the car. On the Friday morning I double-checked that Karen still wanted to go through with this, which she said she did.

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I went back upstairs. I could see Karen sitting on the sofa watching TV. As she opened the door I pushed inside Sex stories with my sister in law lunged at her grabbing her by her wrist. With her legs spread wider Karen could only just stand on tip toes to avoid hanging by her hands. So I needed some back-up — so the toys were a good idea.

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My mixed race wife had embarrassingly expressed a few times over the years that she sometimes masturbated while fantasizing about being raped.

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She has round, firm size 33 breasts and a size twenty four waist.

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I was a maid in a large motel chain.

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Being an only child she was always alone; she had no real chores or jobs to do on the farm except for gathering the eggs which were a money-making commodity for the farm, she was annoyed when at the age of ten she was sent away to boarding school; she no Foxy boxing stories had the freedom that she enjoyed on the farm.