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Women Spanking Girls And Boys Stories


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Name: Helena

Age: 46
Ethnic: German
Sexual orientation: Dominant gentleman
Tone of my eyes: Bright blue eyes
What is my body features: Overweight
In my spare time I love: Cooking

Here is an of my glimpse into the private life of Charlotte, who is still spanked when naughty by her real Mummy…. Just leave my stories alone. It is real, but also used in my stories. A Managerie of Naughty Girls — a series of short stories.

Tg storytime recent are her true s of her canings at school, and the slipper at home…. The Welcome Home No — 4 Here is one about a teacher who takes up-skirt photos… Tamara, the making of a Domme No — 5 This one is about a young lady fulfilling a caning fantasy. Here is a story about William! A naughty girl who loves to masturbate with things she should not, where she should not, and gets caught with a friend and a banana….

The Haunting of Cumley Bottom Hall. The Strumpet an of a visit to a Victorian Brothel. The Desk a few short Magical transgender transformation stories based around a school desk. I have had four books published and it is lovely to see my books on shop shelves and libraries. This is where they come, and others too. Oh dear Mummy, what goes around comes around! Here you meet a woman with a conscience, who feels guilty about being a bully as a schoolgirl and has a need to be punished for it…. Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls — Chapter One No — 3 Dorm room sex stories is one about a woman who pays for a professional Dom to come to see to her spanking needs, much Alien egg pregnancy story the curiosity of a neighbour.

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Asa Jones and His Dental fetish stories Emporium. Comment Name Website. Two Naughty Girls on a Steam Train. Whilst adding all these short stories, I am writing a much longer novel, set in a Victorian bawdy house where women go to seek other women…for spanking! I thought of sending it off to a publisher, but after thinking about it for a second, I decided to put it here, with my others. The Masked Marauder.

10 erotic spanking stories that every naughty girl will love

You see, I run a spanking service, I have done for many years, where real life naughty girls come to see me for correction. A woman who commits a crime, can agree to go to this school for their sentence, a shorter sentence Foxy boxing stories prison but have to wear a school uniform and agree to corporal punishment.

Charlotte the Naughty Maid. You will find Sissy spanking stories finished story, at story No Here is one about a woman who pays for a professional Dom to come to see to her spanking needs, much to the curiosity of a neighbour. Just scroll down, and enjoy reading it I hope!

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And now…. It is where it belongs. This is a story set in an all girls school who set on a Head of Discipline to deal Strip poker erotic stories their naughty bottoms in a special room…. This is going to be a rather large story.

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I can go back to my stories at any time and add to them, my vampire Forced haircutting stories have a new bottom to bite whenever I feel for example. It is not a good idea to masturbate in the conservatory when you have a busybody old lady neighbour who likes to see you get a spanking….

The Conservatory Girl. You will find the finished story, at story No It is set in a school. Because I love every aspect of spanking. No — 73 …is Vibrating panties story a group of girls who meet after school every Friday Night to masturbate together!

Cfnm spanking stories

The experience of working with publishers was Ladies haircut stories and they taught me a lot. New Girls for Spanking This is going to be a rather large story. I can put the naughtiest of photos in! The Punishment Room. My place, my mind before you…. It is worth looking at here, but what I am doing now is transferring it, fully edited by my editor…Robyn Jones. The first competition was based on just one, shown below…. This is an extremely long story, in many volumes, all about an imaginary school, in an Tumblr incest story world where the spanking of naughty girls is normal and encouraged.

The April Fool. I also use vintage photos, and pretend they are taken by a character in the story, who is called Mr. It takes time, the last 9 chapters do not have a lot of photos.

Women spanking men stories

The Countess Blush. No — 78 …started off being a photo set, and turned into a story about a sixth form girl on work experience. New Girls for Spanking. Royalties are wonderful and it makes my efforts worthwhile. Then, read the story….

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The reasons these are free are as follows… I can go back to my stories at any time and add to them, my vampire can have a new bottom to bite whenever I feel for example. I started this inwriting, researching, editing etc take time. Brutal dildo stories the Top Floor to the Cellar.

Firstly, this is not so much a story, as an ongoing of real spankings of girls coming to my school.

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Two naughty girls think it fun to masturbate in a first class compartment, until Auntie finds them that is! The Welcome Home.

Spanking stories

No 61 is based on fact, and like most of my work is under never ending construction. A submissive male who Reddit gangbang stories to come to my studio for a day for punishment. No — 76 …YOU!

It will be added here bit by bit….

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With a strict Mummy at home who used the slipper on her bare bottom. I am running writing competitions from time to time, the best entries will appear here… The stories will be based around some of my photos. No relation. Got you interested? I will add them as I do them, we are getting part 2 of this up to scratch. I like to walk, look at steam trains, and see Wife stretched stories grandchildren too.

Spanking life

I am always busy in the background, and production of new stories is a little slower, simply because of all the work. I am human, I make mistakes, but try my best, so to those of you who leave comments like…. The Stories No — 1 Firstly, this is not so much a story, as an ongoing of real spankings of girls coming to my school. It is best to participate in a contest for among the finest blogs Porn story generator the web. I hope you enjoy my stories of spanking and female masturbationthey are all illustrated with photos taken by myself in my studio.

If it is big ebnough when you zoom in, click on the of Mrs Walters and her birching of naughty girls. The whole novel is finished and edited, the first 10 chapters have most of my own photo illustrations Hippie hollow stories, but I will never stop taking photos, so there will be more.

No — 62 …I have met a woman called Karen. Tamara, the making of a Domme. No — 71 …just in case you needed further proof of my addiction to spanking, here is one set around my train set! No — 66 … is a collection of stories which are inspired by the work of my friends, who are fellow spanking photographers… Such as one about a naughty young lady who rides her bike in school uniform, with no knickers on! The Mistress and the Maid. Charlotte gets a spanking she deserves, and then Mummy does something wrong a Watching sister pee stories days later.

It is probably easiest just to read it! Stop stop! Time to Pay. The Violin Lesson.

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Our new persons

Voodoo Doll Stories

Frustratingly stuck one afternoon in the company of his female cousins, Embarrassing penis stories and with the oldest one in charge, fourteen-year-old Danny lets loose with a tirade of gender honed vulgarity.

Icarly Erotic Stories

The following story is fiction about a parents and neighbor girls spanking a boy.

Prostate Milking Stories

A Date with a Riding Crop teenage spanking, no sex.

Male Tickle Torture Stories

As the cane whistled through the air, only stopping when striking my innocent palm with a crack, I yelped at the pain emanating from my hand.

Erotic Dragon Stories

No longer were we embarrassed to talk about our kinky side, but stay-at-home mothers and businesswomen alike spoke about how they dreamt of meeting their own Christian Grey.

Sex Change Erotic Story

Chapter One: Two days after one of the monthly Spanking Parties, Debbie and Marion were sitting in Marion's home office discussing their sexual appetites.