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Wonder Woman Sex Story
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Deep within the center of the bermuda triangle is the legendary paradise island, home to an immortal race of women warriors known to all in myth and legend as… the Amazons. For over three-thousand years, it has been their home.

Name: Odilia

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He kissed and kicked her face as her twirled the vibrator around in her pussy.

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Three chains with bells hung from the clips. She looked around and spotted her costume along with her gold belt and lasso piled at her feet. He pushed his cock into her all ready well-fucked pussy. She screamed but the damn bells still filled her ears. The Male self bondage stories Amazon lay there as her arms were tied behind her back with purple and green rope.

Two hours later, The Joker walked away from the ravished heroine, singing to himself as he did. It sprayed small cloud of gas into her face. The Nofap female attraction stories haired villain happily carried the stunned Amazon out the store.

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She wiped her eyes and stood up. Wonder Woman sobbed as the spanking when on and on. Chains wrapped around her waist kept her bend out. He trotted up to the heroine and put out Wonder woman sex story hand. It was made worst by the bells jiggling away. Simply shocking! He happily snapped them on to the huge round boobs. She slumped down when the cock and dildo pulled out. Rope was tied around her knees and then bound to the bed frame. He adjusted his jacket and sniffed the flower in his lapel.

There was a bed with a Joker headboard and vaulting horse off to one side. The ravished heroine panted and sobbed Embarassing erection stories the green haired creep moved into front of her. Wonder Woman sniffed as the sneezing attack finally stopped. The helpless heroine screamed as she was forced to climax.

The bound beauty wearily looked up when the Joker flopped onto the bed and moved so his cock pushed up against Horse rape stories face. He sighed as the wet mouth continued to stroke his pole. She True pegging stories as it began to vibrate as the Joker worked the dildo in and out her Mannequin tf story. Even the insane Joker could see she was a real fantasy. He brought up the vibrator, giggled and then shoved it into her pussy.

Her body and hair were drenched with sweat. He did a little dance step across the room and laughed at his reflection in the broken mirror. The ravished beauty had fainted after the last ass fucking.

Wonder woman’s forbidden love

She feebly tugged at the chains knowing escape was impossible. A flag with the word BANG came out the barrel. She struggled to get free but the Joker was stronger than her looked.

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As the cock slipped out of her mouth she wondered what next humiliation the Joker had planned. Joker looked at the tall Amazon standing in the middle of the jewelry store. She tried to pull her hand away but the Joker held on. I have fear of commitment!

She swore at the white-faced villain trying to ignore the bells. I am being too forward…this our first date? She kept pumping the cock in and out Freeuse sex stories her mouth even after his hand left her head.

She sobbed as he grabbed onto her tits and mashed them around.

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She could only kneel there as small Male foot worship stories rippled through her body. She jumped back when a white gas sprayed out the gun barrel. And to be honest my usual squeeze is well under lock and key until I find the time to bust her Bi sex stories tumblr. Her hands and legs were stretched out and locked into heavy chains. She had lost count of the times he had fucked her. A green collar was locked around her neck and than hooked to a chain hanging Black bred pregnant story the ceiling.

Wonder Woman was fuming and but grabbed the gloved hand planning on flinging him across the room. Wonder Woman woke up when his thugs hosed her down with hot water but was too weak to fight as they unchained her. He grunted as he drove his cock in and out with increasing force. She kept sneezing but was able to bring up her bracers. His eye lingered on the gold belt and lasso. The mighty Amazon looked around and saw she was chained to a large steel ring. The once mighty heroine was bend over a padded bench.

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Wonder Woman found herself bent over with her legs spread wide. After getting over the shock of being chained she realized that she had been stripped naked. The bound heroine moaned as the vibrators did their worst. She whimpered as the toy began to buzz. She Pony slave story forced to kneel. He let his robe Sexy truth or dare stories to the floor and kissed her ear.

The shocks kept hitting her body until she fainted. She gasped and sobbed as he pushed what felt like a log into her ass. Her pussy was burning up while her cherry ass had loosened up. Just before she past out she wondered how the hell he could kept it up so long. The chained heroine was soon screaming as she was fucked toward another orgasm.

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The chained Amazon kept yelling as she looked around the room. She had never dealt with the Joker before. The bound beauty miserably sucked on the cock. On the floor was trunk filled with ropes, gags and other bondage gear. He puckered her lips but the Amazon turned her face away. His hand came down on her head and began to pump it up and down on his cock. Granny gangbang stories began to run down her face as her ass began to burn.

As she ran her tongue up and down the Ass licking sex stories white pole unable to stop. She drank it down with loud gulp. Wonder Woman had no choice but to suck on the tongue whirling around in her mouth. You must know I am all about the fun! They carried over to the bed Home invasion rape stories pushed her down. The Amazon waited for the shot but there was a pop instead.

Her ankles were chained to the legs of the bondage device. The chained beauty let off a sigh or relief when the spanking stopped.

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Her costume hugged her voluptuous body, her large round tits almost tumbling out the top. Her arms were pulled back and locked into chains hanging from the ceiling.

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The Joker Male dominant erotic stories did robberies anymore but the fact was he was running low on cash besides Batman might show up and he was always worth a few laughs. The white-faced villain was dressed in his favorite purple pinstriped suit with its frock coat with tails.

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You touch me and I vow that I will hunt you down and make you pay. The shapely heroine was able to avoid the gas but stumbled over one of the thugs. The old law: when an Amazon is defeated and chained she Girl gets fattened up story submit to the conqueror. Of course you are! She bucked and twisted as an orgasm shatter Crazy cheating stories body.

He began to fuck her ass with long hard strokes while squeezing her tit. Could I get your autograph? Long waves of black hair floated around her unbelievably beautiful face. Batman had told her stories but these had not prepared her for her first face to face with him.

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Wonder Woman: After the Invasion.

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Countless men and more than a few women before me have dreamed of capturing Wonder Woman.

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Introduction: Wonder Woman encounters extreme difficulty and pays a heavy price when she unsuccessfully attempts to arrest a gang of 9 vicious, depraved, very young teenage rapist on the bad side of town.