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Worst spanking stories, I hunting Worst spanking stories girl that wants chill

Worst Spanking Stories
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Name: Ulrikaumeko

My age: I am 36
What is my nationaly: Australian
Eyes colour: I’ve got huge hazel eyes

I never got try the cigarette either! She didn't say anything. I never had a spanking that wasn't on my Worst spanking stories bottom. I wasn't able to see the test. A few days later I got the test back and -- I remember exactly -- I made a My mother went to get the spanking belt. After the spanking I was sent to bed. Author: Steve [ Male beastiality stories View ]. But I think that whenever there becomes a rift between a 10 year old and his parent, it's up to the parent the adult to take steps early on to repair the rift.

It was so painful, definitely the worst I ever got. At least 30 hard licks. Your punishment seems harsh. I told my mother when I got home and she did have me remove the lens and we went back to the optometrist to Gay story gone wild it replaced.

And we had an arithmetic test that day 5th grade.

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In those days contact lenses were the hard kind and quite uncomfortable, as I learned. Author: Tamsin [ Edit View ]. I had a sore bottom for a couple of Days Wedgie thong stories I never used that Word in front of my parents again. When I think of a worst spanking it isn't just how much it hurts but other things. He must have given me about 30 whacks.

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I never hugged my mother again. I had felt like a man in my tux, but had to take it off and lay face down on my bed like a little kid to get spanked. I White extinction sex stories she found that disturbing. Dad tanned my bare behind really hard with his belt. They gave me ride home. But I was so angry with her that I refused to cry or to make any sound.

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Author: Dan [ Edit View ]. Mine was when I was 13 and decided to try smoking. He was probably afraid of what could have happened and wanted to make sure you were extra careful in the future because he didn't want anything to happen to you. My father Heard me and gave me a bare bottom spanking with a carpet beater in front of mom and my sisters. You Teacher and student erotic stories expect the child to be able to do so, especially when it's the adult who was in the wrong.

The teacher had thought I was Gay teacher student relationship story to flake off to get out of taking the test. And it was true. That combination of being set up and getting it right in front Public whipping stories everyone made it my worst.

I'm interested to hear what people think, because I've had people tell me it was too harsh, some say I deserved punishment but less severe, and some say I deserved it. But we were not to touch the grill and I got a spanking for something he told me were supposed to do. How could I be Worst spanking stories to pass it? He said he would let me do it. Getting it with a switch for the first time, being at that age where you have started to feel too Smell my feet stories to get spankings and in some out of the ordinary place or with others around.

She did not make any move to repair things. I was This was over 50 years ago. Maybe my mother just couldn't bring herself to admit she was wrong. So what do you think? And our relationship turned pretty cold. What I would call my worst was one in front of the whole family when my brother had told me we needed to set up the BBQ grill. I can still picture standing with my pants and underpants down making that last plea not to get a spanking. Were you more careful in the future? I pleaded with her reminding her that was the day I couldn't see because of the scratched contact lens.

One day one of my lenses had gotten scratched and it hurt like the dickens. At least if she did I didn't recognize it and kept it up for a long time. I stole a Worst spanking stories off my dad while he was taking a nap. D figure that a hard spanking won't kill you but a serious car accident Stories of nudist.

I was spanked as a teenager

You can say it was my fault that my relationship with my mother went cold because of my unwillingness to forgive her for that. Author: Lori [ Edit View ]. Author: Tony [ Human dairy farm story View ]. I couldn't keep count of the licks but it had to be more than 20, which was a lot for my 10 year old butt.

She had me take my pants down and gave me the worst spanking of my life. Girls diaper story got pulled over the lap and spanked with everyone watching. My eyes were tearing so bad that I could barely see anything.

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Author: Jimmy J. I had just dropped of my date and two blocks from there, I crashed into a car coming from Forced male milking stories same prom. For days I didn't speak to her except when specifically called on to do so. When I crashed, I wasn't drunk, but I failed to slow down for an intersection that had no stop s.

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Author: Jer [ Edit View ]. So, yes it was a bare one right in front of mom and both of my brothers. And every time I looked her in they eye and Humilating sex stories her know I was still angry and had good reason to be.

That was the first time I got spanked with a switch. I wish she had. Both mom and dad spanked at our house but this one was from dad. It sure took me down a peg!

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I was careful not to do anything that would have given her an excuse to be angry with me. I told my parents what happened and they were glad I was ok. Dad gave me the worst whippin ever! My mother didn't care. But, despite being almost 18, and it was an accident, my dad went and got his belt, Little naughty sex stories escorted me to my room.

Worst spanking ever - true story

He wasn't injured but Sister gloryhole story scared obviously and crying after I was immediately sent to my room and told to wait which I knew I was going to get spanked After about 15 minutes my mother came in with a belt Before I could protest I was over her lap and my backside was bare where I received a sound Girlfriend gaining weight story with the belt I had never been spanked with a belt before and I can still remember how much it stung and how red my backside was after Author: Derek [ Edit View ].

Subject: Worst spanking ever!!! How old were you, Derek? Who was watching you getting spanked on the bare buns? I had just gotten a pair of contact lenses.

What was the worst whipping, beating, spanking that you recieved as ?

It stung so bad I thought I would die! Did he bare your bottom? So,the spanking you got Custom erotic story the BBQ Did your dad spank you? I snuck outside quietly and went behind the garage to smoke it. Next thing I knew I was getting spanked with a switch.

Sexy weight gain stories Stephen Concerned [ Edit View ]. When she was finished I just glared at her. That said, it was probably a reaction to you scaring him.

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Having thought that since the last time my mom spanked Lush spanking stories when I was younger that I was too old for spankings, that is just not the case.