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Zombie x reader lemon, I am Zombie x reader lemon guy who like reading

Zombie X Reader Lemon


Synopsis : Reader is a groupie on the twins of evil She venom stories. One night at a bar, the God of Fuck instigates. Notes : Seeing them tonight!!!! Originally posted by dogmaticdeux.

Name: Brear

How old am I: 39
Ethnicity: Irish
I like to listen: Classical
I like: Shopping

Your insides felt all shuddery at the sound of his decayed voice trying to form the syllables of your name.

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His rotting body clawing its way out of the cold, dark earth ameliorated the sorrow that was caused by your separation. He was grinning at you so lewdly. He was a god on Secretary spanking stories earth, made of Spartan bones and the flesh that maggots adore.

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To you, he was perfect. He might be slow, but every thrust rocked your entire body, releasing his weight on you.

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You did have the excuse of him never letting you leave, but he was slow enough for you to run away without effort on your part. Your lover is all you need to get through the wintry nights Amazing stories the sitter. His lips were as plump as they were when he was alive, perhaps that was where death kissed him into one of the undead.

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You are so close to cumming you could cry, but that would make him never stop. You were in awe at how he had managed to work against the muscles that had tightened like Tall girl growth spurt stories. It means nothing to you if that is all it takes for you to be beside him.

You could ignore the pieces of flesh that slipped off his bones and his uncontrollable fits of hunger.

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You are one of each other. You look down to see something you had never seen him do since the day he kicked the bucket.

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He fit inside you so snug. Your obsession with him was becoming detrimental to your health. He pointed down and showed you why. He came inside you.

Clover corp.- bnha zombie apocalypse au prologue

He is still in you when he releases his weight onto your smaller body. The thrusts propelled you further up the bed until your head hit the headboard.

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The way he thrust hits deep inside you, hitting you good in a way that hurt, had Girl panties stories spilling from the corners of your eyes, but maybe it was the excruciating pain coming from your hand. A chill runs up your spine, and the skin on your skull creeps.

Rock star antics - marilyn manson x reader x rob zombie

He was more you than you had ever been yourself. This post Extreme wedgie stories yandere themes, smut, necrophilia? The next thing you know, your heart is skyrocket, and you feel lightheaded. You hear him release a low growl, sounding like a hiss as it slithered through his bones, and out the shattered pockets of decay.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Oct 23rd notes. Every movement meant another creak of the bed echoing around the attic that you kept Hoseok in. You could feel feathers tickling your toes.

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With one loud cry that was able to seep through Ball squeeze stories thin walls, your legs trembled, and pleasure saturated every part of you. You let the man do as he pleased to you, despite how damaging it was.

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He drew in rattling breath that sounded out a low growling moan, chilling your blood. He used everything in him to pull his body upwards Eating someone out stories collapse back onto you and then do it again.

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You looked at Hoseok with hungry eyes begging him for a kiss. Instead of being appalled, you opened your mouth wide like a Beer belly stories puppy, whining when the syrup reached your tastebuds.

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His thrusts were bordering painful. He was eating you alive, yet, you were still by his side.

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The place you kept him hidden away from the people out to sever the pretty face of his neck, if they found out a monster such as him existed. You both lie there, sated and drenched in love. Those empty staring eyes ringed with sallow skin were deet on yours. A bandage wrapped poorly over the place Asian slut wife stories ring finger used to be before he gnawed it off like a carrot.

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Were his eyes always that pretty?

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The Hunter has always been a favorite zombie of mine.

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Originally posted by horvival.

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And yes, the zombie is going to fuck you.

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Dabi, Zabi.

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She disgusts me.